CURATOR > Symposium: "Curatorial Practice Thesis Symposium", Timken Lecture Hall, California College of the Arts, San Francisco, CA

Saturday, March 31, 2012, 10 am–5 pm
Timken Lecture Hall,
California College of the Arts
1111 8th Street
San Francisco, CA

Candidates in the Graduate Program in Curatorial Practice offer presentations of their thesis work to their peers, advisors, and community. Representing the culmination of a year of study, research, thinking, and writing at the cutting edge of the curatorial field, these theses engage a diverse range of subjects, from artist-run initiatives in post-Communist Romania to the relation between architecture and performance in the work of Pawel Althamer, interpenetration of contemporary art and the advertising industry as seen in the work of Steve Lambert and Hank Willis Thomas, the propaganda use of 9/11 photography by Joel Meyerowitz, and the repression of contemporary art by the Chinese government between 1989 and 1999.

Session One: The Exhibition and Its Doubles

10:15 a.m. -- Amanda Mayo, Pacific Standard Time: Between Meaning and Form
10:30 a.m. -- Chelsea Perry, Unpacking Taxidermy, Photography and the Diorama
10:45 a.m. -- Daniella Murphy, Public Relations: Chambres d'Amis
11:00 a.m. -- Dane Jensen, Tino Sehgal, Architecture and the Institution
11:15 a.m. -- Response by Andrew Weiner

Session Two: Net Worth

11:45 a.m. -- Stephanie Kern, Hacking Old Media
12:00 p.m. -- Will Brown, Still Life: A Narrative of Alienation
12:15 p.m. -- Ashley Stull, @e-flux
12:30 p.m. -- Response by Renny Pritikin

Session Three: Traces of Conflict

1:45 p.m. -- Roula Seikaly, Memory, Come Hither: Joel Meyerowitz, Richard Misrach, and the Production of Cultural Memory
2:00 p.m. -- Jennifer Kesseler, Marcelo Brodsky: Art, Memory, and the Argentine Dirty War
2:15 p.m. -- Erdan Sun, Let's have a cup of tea
2:30 p.m. -- Response by Andrew Weiner

Session Four: News from Three Continents

3:00 p.m. -- Ola El-Khalidi, I should at least try to imagine the future of all of this
3:15 p.m. -- Peta Jane Rake, Transitioning New Institutions: Vector Association and the Periferic Biennale
3:30 p.m. -- Cydney Payton, Social Space Tourism in Pawel Althamer & Friends' Common Task
3:45 p.m. -- Cassidy Richardson, My Winnipeg: An Examination of Geographical Exhibitions
4:00 p.m. -- Response by Renny Pritikin

Poster design by Peta Rake

Curatorial Practice Thesis Symposium
Curatorial Practice Thesis Symposium